Onyx version 4.2 - where to download?

I need to download the previous release 4.2 because the venue uses the older 4.2 version and I need to work at home on the project and file formats are not supported between 4.4 and 4.2.
Any ideas where can I get the 4.2 release?

Hello Mike,

Previous version were removed from the public archive. I would suggest reaching out to controller support to see what they can do for you.

Email support@obsidiancontrol.com

Hope this helps,


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Please email support@obsidiancontrol.com and we can send you a link.

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Just did, thanks Matthias!

Thanks Watson!
Matthias just replied, sent the request to Obsidian support.


Do you still have this link where the installer somewhere?
I am looking for this version for midi compatibility with Showcockpit …

Thank you in advance,