Onyx Version 4.4.1186 for M6 & M2GO HD

Respected Sir,
The Onyx Version 4.4.1186 is not compatible for M6 ? (Presently our M6 is working with version 4.2.1057).
Kindly describe the (NX2, NX4, M6 (with ONYX Upgrade kit) ?
When available the M6 OS (V 4.4.1186)?
The M2GO HD is compatible for (V 4.4.1186)?
Expecting your valuable reply.
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M2GO HD is compatible for V4.4
Only M6 needs an upgrade kit, which replaces all processing and graphics hardware. It is not available yet, maybe end of March.

Thank you very much.

is this M6 upgrade kit just going to Replace the processor and graphic card only?

Trying to figure out what I am going to do about my M6 see my other post M6 upgrade

should I hold off on sending in to Elation for repair? Have talk to parts and they do not have the Mother Board for the M6 and my felling it is not the mother board but the Processor.

I am at a stand still at this point and would like to figure out what my next step are going to be

thanks for your input

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