I expected more tools or some of the suggestions of 4 years in the forum :pensive: as a user I hope it is not the same things, but with a new name, of course it is respecting the development team and its changes in the architecture of the program :+1:t2:

Please keep in mind that there was a break in development until late April. Its not that the team doesn’t care to implement your suggestions. This had to be done first as the M-Series name was a limited license.

As someone who has now had my foot on both sides of the fence for a few years (both user and working with the Onyx/M-Series team), I feel the need to chime in a bit.

Software development is really, really difficult. It takes a lot of time to get things right and stable, which is a MUST for what we do!

As I watch and work Onyx, I also pay great attention to the other consoles on the market. With all of them, development takes time, launch dates get pushed back, and many users show frustration with how things are going.

The Onyx team definitely have a passion and expectation of greatness - they don’t release software that is half-way done (and we sure don’t want that!)

Big things are coming!