I have 8 fixtures, selecting from 8 to 1, I record an intensity FX, I save override.
I want to EDIT the CUE later, to add swing.

I load CUE 1 and I can see the 8 fixtures on the Programmer window with the FX.
But in the Programmer window I can see the fixtures by ID order, but not by SELECTION order.

So this means that I have to previously create a specific group for this FX so I have to RECALL this group for later EDITS?
Is there a way to see in the Programmer window the order of SELECTION and to select the fixtures from there or I need to recall a GROUP?

I know that you need to SELECT the fixtures in order to apply changes from the programmer wheels, but you can.t change numeric values straight in the window of the Programmer in any way right?


No the cue itself has no storage of the underlying fixture order when it was created.