OSC Functionality Via RD/ShowCockpit

I just installed the latest version of ONYX to take advantage of DYLOS. Unfortunately, the RD/ShowCockpit Midi driver is no longer compatible with ONYX, because this functionality has been removed. RD informed me that going forward I will need to use the OSC driver, which is working, but I have some questions about its functionality.

1.Why are only the 1st 10 Main Playback faders available to be mapped over OSC, not all 20 of them?

2.Why is the SubMaster Module not able to be mapped over OSC at all?

I am a big fan of your software, but these changes make me far less excited about using it, as I use both of those features heavily in my showfile design. Please let me know if there are plans to expand the OSC capabilities of your app to support additional functionality.