Overlaying on top of existing cues without killing current cue

Been seeking for help on this one.

Facebook nor discord has gotten any answer in finding a solution to this but I’m a onyx newbie since the company I work for has gotten an NX1. While there is a lot of things I really love about Onyx this particular effect has been a struggle to achieve.

I like to have base colors in a cue list then have a set of “bpm looks.” A lot of the time it’s colors passing through the fixture. Although everything I tried didn’t seem to “overlay” on top of the cues. It simply took off the cue. Logically it makes sense to black out if the cue calls for black out values but is there a way to ignore the blackout values?

I’ve tried HTP and overrides. Both don’t seem to do what I need unless I’m misinformed on how HTP works.

Down below is the video I posted in FB.


Hopefully that works but any insight on this works.

Have you tried creating a simple cuelist with the “rainbow” fx.

And then layering a white block wave over it with an override?

Also on the layering cue, makes sure you are not adjusting the intensity. Only take RGB values to full. That maybe why you are getting a black out.

I’ve done similar with a static color and then layering DyLOS over top. So unless I’m not understanding the question or mis interpreting the video I believe that should be possible.

I’ll try to play with it and get you specifics. You are just using a basic spice strip as example?

Hope this helps,


So dylos would be a good alternative but I have the problem of the blackout situation. I create a white block then try to overlay it on top of whatever color cuelist I have but… usually it just blackouts my base colors. The main reason I put dylos to the side is because when I make it as a cue list or override, it doesn’t:

  1. Instantly overlay on top
  2. Doesn’t seem to release and continues the playback

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong since I try to keep it simple as possible. What I did on avolites is simply map out my layout and create the shape/efx then have it overlay on top without messing with my base.

So as for intensity, this fixture is only rgb cells but I do have a virtual fader which I don’t touch when I make my color looks and efxs.

The mindset of avolites comparing to onyx could be different and I’m willing to adapt to the changes but for some reason, the concept of this overlaying has been hard for me to achieve on onyx.

From my observation, avolites seems to ignore black out values on this particular situation because I’m applying the same logic to onyx and that seems to not translate the same way in onyx.