Override a Submaster


I am still trying to figure out which will be my prefered way of setting up a show.
Currently I use a couple of Submasters to control the intensity of my fixture groups which works fine. Now I wan’t to have an override with a Strobe effect for only a certain number of fixtures. All other fixtures intentsity should be 0%. But it seems not to work. Is there a way I can set the Priority of an override higher than the priority of a submaster?

Any other idea how I could achieve the above?


I like to either use another Override for the intensity OR define the intensity at full in a “system on” cue (regular “red” cuelist), and then use Inhibitive faders to define the overall level.

This then puts the intensity of these lights at the priority level of a standard cuelist. You’ll also probably have to enable “Stay Alive” from the cuelist options on the “system on” cue.