Override cue not overriding Inhibitive cue

I’m using an Inhibitive cue to dim my blinders so I can run intensity effects across the blinders but also control the intensity of them (dim them to a warm glow for example).

I was hoping an Override cue with the blinders’ intensity set to 100% would allow me to flash them to full brightness. Unfortunately they only flash to the level set by the Inhibitive cue.

The online manual says “The levels for attributes assigned to a cue in an Override cuelist override the attribute levels in other types of cuelists” so I was expecting this to work.

You can replicate this using a single dimmer fixture:

  1. Create Inhibitive cue with fixture intensity at 100%
  2. Set Inhibitive fader to 50%
  3. Create Override cue with fixture intensity at 100%
  4. Set Override fader to 100%
    Notice that fixture intensity only goes to 50%

How can I flash blinders to max but still have intensity control on a fader for all blinder intensity effects?

Replace your inhibitive by a regular cuelist to achieve what you want to achieve

Set Stay Alive on this regular cuelist (to control intensity) and you got your overridable inhibitive :slight_smile:

List of priority (first has the highest priority) :

  • inhibitive (limit the output level, not playing on parameter)
  • submaster (traditional fader adjusting only the intensity parameter)

Presented type are not regular cuelist. Regular cuelist are following:

  • override (highest cuelist type, playing on parameterl
  • cuelist, chase, timecode (regular cuelist with the lower level of priority)

Thanks for the response, particularly the priority list - that’s gold :slight_smile:

I like your thinking to use a regular cuelist, however the issue with this is that Effects “Swing” values push fixture intensity above & below the fader level which prevents blackout when the regular-cuelist-fader is at 0% (some of the Intensity Effect is still visible) and unwanted crushing of the effect swing when the regular-cuelist-fader is at 100%.

I may need to compromise between desired functionality and interface interaction. What I might end up doing is foregoing a master-intensity control for the blinder-bars and individually adjusting the intensity fader for each cuelist as required.

(Plus log a feature request to enable an Override cuelist to override an Inhibitive cuelist!).

Create your FX with the base included.

Like this you get the override which control the intensity for the FX. Once released, your cuelist which is still activated with the stay alive option came back to live.