Pan mirror

2021 IN ONYX a simple pan mirror fx is incredibly impossible to do without waisting time!
Ok do you have any solutions for this in this 2021? or is this something that won’t happen?
We are a bit tired about not having chances on this side of Onyx ,Dylos can’t be always used for any type of FX, and I really apreciate your work on this side of ONYX “biggest fan”! but fx with this pan tilt" combo shit" is ridiculus! to achieve something so simple we need to pass a lot of data! combo,grouping ,divide etc…to create a simple pan mirror FX this is a real crap!
So if you could be so kind and gentle to let me know if Ican I have an explanation on the future of this little issue here, it would be really appreciated!

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Are the pan inverted fixtures always inverted? Where do you want them to be inverted? The programmer? A scenario with multiple moving heads supposed to move in a pattern?

Please give me some more info on your situation.


are you a developer?

Not at Obsidian Control Systems but yes. Hard and software development, recently with Obsidian and Martin Hardware too.