Pan/Tilt Cue Will not Disable

Hi Everyone!

New to Onyx, and am slowly learning.

I’m having some trouble getting a deleted cue’s setting to release, in this case, it was a pan/tilt setting. I can override the setting while selecting group presets using the programmer to generate a new position cue and save as override, highest priority. however, once the programmer is cleared, I can’t get the fixtures to listen to the new cue, they refuse to leave the prior deleted setting.

As far as I can tell, there are no other cues active.

Any tips/suggestions? I am running out of ideas with a show approaching soon.

thanks all



Welcome to ONYX. Did you happen to delete the cue from the “playback fader” slot? If so, the cue is probably still active in the “cuelist directory”. I’m not in front of a console at the moment, but there should be a view or window called “Active Cuelist” to show that. There is also a window called “cuelist directory”. In the directory is where all cuelist (including submasters, timecodes, inhibitors, etc.) are stored. From the directory is where you can permanently delete things as well as copy. Check there. You can also do a “global release” of all cues by using the snap+real buttons. This will stop all cues from “outputting” data (unless you override the default setting).

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Thank-you Watson, the active cue was right there as you described!

I was able to select the cue, select move on the programmer, and move it back to the playback tab. From there, I was able to release the cue, and delete it. Saved the file and moved on.


Opening that latest saved file, the cue would re-appear active there in the cuelist directory, every time the software was opened, no matter how many times it would be released, deleted, and/or a new updated file resaved (console always opened against the latest).

Any Ideas?


Check the “cuelist options”. Sound like maybe it is set to start on start up. Here is a link to the controller support website to read about the different options available.

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(my apologies for the late post)

That was the issue, that cue was accidentally saved to run at startup.

Thanks for the help!