Pan/Tilt Issue with Fixture on Martin Light Jockey

I’ve added all of my fixtures into LJ, everything is working perfectly except for the pan/tilt on some intimidator 250’s. The pan/tilt is really jerky…

pan/tilt on rogue R1’s is totally fine. Anyone have ideas for a fix?

It seems that the pan is working fine, issues with tilt.

Which exact model name is this about?

These are the Chauvet Intimidator LED Spot 250’s

I just switched them from 13ch to 8ch and now pan/tilt is working… I’d love to keep them in 13ch though!

I’ve been using these for a few years on 13ch mode - just started programming a whole new show, and the pan/tilt issues came up.

Thanks for any help.

So… Are you saying the profile has been OK before, but not now???

Seems like either a DMX Mode, or fixture addressing issue…

Also, I can see the profile PT has been corrected back in 2013…

Make sure your LJ show library contains the latest profiles, or replace them in your show…

I double checked the profile against the latest User Manual, and PT is correctly defined

I already got the case with Starway Mode B (with another software), the PT is in 16bits, but in the manual, it was saying Pan, pan fine, tilt, tilt fine, but in reality it was pan, tilt, pan fine tilt fine.

So the position switch or movement was not good at all with crazy shaking.

Maybe you got the same behavior? Do you validate the profile with the device?

Thank you Sylvain, but as mentioned, the profile is accurate, according to the User Manual

The old profile, was indeed wrong, but the change is nearly 4 years old…

No clues about that :wink:

I was just saying that the manual, even with known manufacturer like StarWay or Involight (chinese behind) can have differences with the real life.

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