Pan/Tilt speed in a cue

New to Onyx, but really liking it. First time using moving heads also.

I’m doing a theatre production. I have 2 cues in which I need a couple of movers to pan/tilt from one position to another while still illuminated. Problem is they move at a leisurely pace and I can’t figure out how to speed up the movement. I know they can move faster, because the do when using effects.

I’m probably looking right at it and not recognizing it. Anybody point me in the right direction?

try changing the cue time in the cue sheet

You can either adjust the entire Cue Fade time, which affects everything in that ‘change’ between cues.
The other way is to set a specific fade time for the Pan/Tilt parameters on those fixtures.
[Edit] the destination cue, select those fixtures, press [Fade] and press the [Pan/Tilt] select.
Type a Time value and hit enter.
This will populate the ‘Override’ column on the Selected CuelIst page so you can see the additional time information on that cue.
The end result is the cue changes in Fade time, but the lights will pan/tilt in the Override time set for those lights.

Thank You.
I had tried the Cue Fade time but it didn’t seem to make much difference.
The specific fade time for the Pan/Tilt was what I was looking for and that did the trick.
Thanks again.

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