Patching with Remote


I was wondering if it is possible to Patch the fixtures with the remote App.

Thanks in advance

Uhh i forgot the question Mark:)

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The remote app is not able to patch fixtures.

However, if you have a laptop, you can join the network show and use the laptop to add / patch fixtures in addition to using it as a remote focus.

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Yes thank you! I was using it that way already, but the laptop fits so bad in my pockets:)

But nevermind. Maybe this is for the wishlist somewhere in the future.

There is one thing what would be nice when doing patching in Onyx directly and you don‘t know the DMX adress of the house lamps.
Some kind of next button to highlight the DMX output as you press it every time and as soon as you found your lamp, you type @„lampID“ ENTER. At the moment it is just possible to highlight by mouse and then patch. Or am I missing something?

It is quite unlikely that we will add patching and many other command line items to the remote.
ONYX has a a very easy way to connect a full Windows Tablet that gives 100% the same function. Writing a remote and user interface to replicate all this seems not a good investment of our RD time for quite a while.
There are affordable win tablets that make great remotes like a Surface GO.

Hi Matthias, thank you for your response! I am using it already that way. I have a Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 and a Surface Pro3. I will have a look at the Surface GO. I was just looking for something small enough to put into the pockets when setting up (hanging and then patching) the lights. For doing focus the actually remote is perfect.

Is there a way to highlight the DMX output in the patch of onyx and move forward by keystrokes? So you select the first DMX output with highlighting set on and then with a key press (by arrow keys) you move forward. It would be easier to find the lamps than by mouse click, because you don’t have to look between rig and onyx and can keep your eyes on the rig. I hope it is understandable what I am trying to say.

Thanks Jenar