PC Keyboard shortcut for 'Thru'

Silly question most likely, but what is the PC keyboard shortcut for ‘Thru’?

I’m typing in all values into Onyx with a PC keyboard, and can’t track it down.
The manual makes reference to ‘T’ but this, along with most other keys, just enters ‘@’.
What obvious step am I missing please??


The keyboard shortcuts require to enable scroll lock.

I typed this into release 4.4.1193

1 T 4 A 2 5


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Ahhh thanks, I had completely forgotten that key existed! Had seen reference to it but assumed it was a regarding a button on a physical console.
Much appreciated!

Or add “CTRL” + the shortcut letter to get it working without the scroll lock key (CTRL+T for “through”)

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Keyboard Shortcuts.pdf (512.6 KB)