pci512 driver on xp

I have a pci 512 card, i need the driver for an xp machine running legacy 2.95 software.
the 4046 driver supplied in software doesn’t work so looking for the ‘alternative’ w2k driver and hoping someone either has it or may have it on cd?
i’ve looked everywhere online and found a lot of dead-ends. don’t really want to upgrade to a later version as running a usb dmx interface mk1 on that pc…


Lightjockey 2 - Archive - LJ_Driver
Is that what you’re looking for?

thanks for that, it is the one i was led to believe is right, could not find it last night.

LJ seems to recognise the card now but i have no dmx output.
Could be the adaptor cable or maybe a jumper setting unless i’m missing something on LJ?
Could be a dead card or maybe this isn’t a working driver for this card…

I only meant to spend a little time on this as i intend to sell the card, i don’t need it…

Unfortunately, I can’t help you any more than I already have. I used LJ for a short while, but with a USB duo dmx.

That was all the help i needed, thanks again.
It was the cable in the end, a misleading wiring diagram i found before the one on martin site but then also diagram of the d-sub to cross reference was for male not female - 4 attempts, my wiring diagram is now much better than them all…
So i now have a working pci512 for sale with an adaptor cable and i will throw in one of my dmx xlr testers - i will be making a better cable than the test one i made if anyone needs one i can make some more…?