Play backs - help.. smoke flash button locking on

We have a playback set as a flash to blast the smoke machine but if you click on it with a mouse and move the mouse off the button before you let go it locks on. It also does the same on the touch screen if you move your finger off the button too.
We had full output for a good 20 odd seconds at the weekend before the user noticed… which caused a smoke detector activation 4 floors up in the building we use. So if there is a setting that will stop this, it would be great not to see the nice firemen this weekend!

If the touch up event is missed there is nothing we can do.
Use a different type of cue structure where the button is released after x seconds automatically.

Apologies for the lack of knowledge as I’ve not fully got my head around the software yet. How would I create a cue that automatically released after X amount of seconds?

Also, if the mouse was moved off the playback 'flash’s whilst the mouse key was pressed… would this not register as an ‘up event’ purely as the mouse has moved off the playback?

I think this will help:

Here is a method to create a macro, that will automatically release the CUE after specific time.