Play Backs

I have been trying to figure out this software for several weeks. I get close but its not doing what I expect.

When i light a stage, I create a different scene into different play backs.
Each scene will consist of a (one cue). The cue may be a static color, chase, effect…
After I have all my playbacks ready I want to touch a playback and it goes. And when I decide i want to select another playback I want to select it, the first one will end and the new playback will go.

I seems that each playback needs to be double clicked, then intensity, then go. Then stopped before doing this again for each playback.

As far as I understood.

You have that view at the bottom of Onyx:

And you double click on one of your playbacks to get that window:

Next you move the fader to 100% and hit go, right?

Right click on your playback or hit the settings icon shown in my second picture. Go the tab “function assignments” and hit the button “UP +GO”. As soon as you move the fader above 5% the cue will play. You can change that value.

Press this icon at the bottom right corner and you dont need to double click anymore. It is a feature added in the latest version of Onyx.

You can do exactly what you want with Playback Buttons

Awesome Thanks!
I messed with the cue options and I’m liking the direct cue play backs, the instant response is what in trying to get from the playbacks.

I get it close, but a couple undesirable effects happen. as follows

The first scene seems to stay active (yellow arrow) when I advance/select the next scene.
In order to stop a scene completely, I select release and click on everything with a yellow arrow. Id rather click a “black-out”
The “direct cue” only seams to work only on the bottom set of “banks” When applied to the playbacks the list pops up, but disappears whenever I select a next cue .