Playback Buttons Toggle Group

It would be great to have, for example, a special Playback Buttons group, pool or section, whatever you want to call it, where each playback excludes the others by default.

For instance, I could select a group of 20 playback buttons and check an option which prevents more than one of them to be active at the same time, so each time I launch one automatically releases the others.

This would be a very efficient way to keep a clean playback behavior, without having to release manually, via macros or excessive programming or individual configuration to achieve this simple thing.


It’s boring to do, but if you take care about cuelist content, they auto release themselves as LTC is applied.

That’s what I mean with “excessive programming”. I want to stop having to record null values to force overlapping with other CL

I’m sorry, did you mean LTP or did I misunderstood something?

You’re right, was meaning LTP :slight_smile:

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