Playback Visualizer, in Displays options

Is it possible (someday) to be able to choose between a main playback and sub playback visualizer.

Thank you for all of your hard work. It is very appreciated.

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In the menu page, select Display. There are several options to toggle on or off like the “Playback Visualizer” (it allows you to monitor what is happening with the Playback faders) . There is no toggle for the Submaster faders.
I utilize two screens and thought it would be nice to see my sub faders on my left screen and the main faders on the right screen.

You can launch the submaster panel or subplayback status and include it in the screenview. The bottom part isn’t quite suitable for it as the arrangement is upright, (6x4)

That makes sense…
It could be modeled after the NX-Play/M-Play status view.

Just a thought,
Thank you for your time today.

I’ve wanted this since forever!

especially with the Mplay