Please help.... Issue patching ACL 360 Rollers

I have ONYX software and the M-DMX hardware with dmx output to 4x ACL 360 Rollers set in STANDARD MODE 19Ch , when I patch first Roller Universe 1 - DMX Channel 1 everything is fine. When I patch the next roller same config Universe 1 DMX Channel 20 I have control over the second fixture and fixture 1 I lose control over it. Please advise and help Thanks in advance…

This means the actual fixtures are not set to the correct mode…

Which Onyx build are you using?

Ofer Brum
Onyx Library Support

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Ty for your response. The 19 ch standard mode on the fixtures were being addressed by someone else. I know now that I need to check them out in order to insure and troubleshoot this. I was wracking my brain because everything worked as it should with flawlessly. I’ll keep you posted and once again thanks in advance. :pray: :facepunch:

latest Onyx build sir. would this be a issue i would need to look into as well ?