Possible issue with editing cues containing FX masking

Running Onyx Version 4.2.1052

I have a large amount of cues containing intensity FX for LED pixel tape. (So the pixels chase in different ways… etc.). Usually I have no issues editing the FX in the cues if I want to change something, however it seems this isn’t working correctly if the FX contains a mask, such as Fan <> Mirror per X. If I try to edit a cue containing this, the FX won’t load into the programmer, expect for the very first LED pixel in the cue (all the pixels are generic RGB plus virtual dimmer).

Any ideas?

If you are using fan on group this happens if Group and fan/FX aren’t selected.

I usually Edit>cue#xxx, select the fixtures in the FX with whatever groups I need to use for FX editing then apply whatever group/Fanning maskxxx and wave/step xxx for final look and update. In the grouping tool, Group and Fan/FX must be selected for this to work.

I have never experienced this with mirror x fanning. However I usually select all fixtures within the group then edit cueXXX. Then select fixtures for changes, re-select fixture selection order for fanning, fan and update.