possible to select the dmx address direct?

is it possible to select a dmx address of a fixture direct by keypad or any kind of input?
so for example:
fixture id 1, is a mh with 16ch mode,
i want to select the macrochannel(6)
and bring it to 145(or 55%).
on other consols we work is a button ch (channel)
to select dmx addresses direct.
ch 》16 》@ 》55 》 enter

so is there a modi of selection to do such things?



Yes you can target a value directly

@, click encoder wheel, or click field on screen, ## Enter

e…g @ Cyan 45 Enter


check “parameter commands”

hello, but we have to select the fixture bevor?
so we can not say from nothing selected

dmx adress 136 should go to full?

clear, clear
channel 136 @ full enter

or somthing like that?

it would be much faster, if you know your channels!



There is no command to set dmx values to an address directly.