Potential ONYX defect with RELEASE ALL CUELISTS macro and BLOCK GLOBAL RELEASE setting?


I’ve tried for many hours to understand why something is happening in ONYX and just can’t figure it out, so looking here for some help. I’ll try to explain the best I can in text but will try to include a video to help explain better. I’m using the latest formal version of ONYX (v4.8.1244.0)

I have two Chauvet 4BAR Tri USB fixtures in 15Ch mode used for face/front lights. I have 9 standard cuelists controlling these fixtures on faders so I can easily control their intensities manually: 1 fader for overall/master intensity (cuelist 137), and 8 faders for each of the individual cells pointed at the band members (cuelists 145-152). I’ve set these cuelists up to “Block Global Release” and “Stay alive” because I pretty much always want these cuelists active, even if other cuelists “take over” their values momentarily, I want the fixtures to go back to their normal “face lights” when other cuelists are released.

I have another cuelist (#193) with cues programmed for an entire song (Verse 1, Pre-Chorus, Chorus, Verse 2, etc.). The first cue (verse 1) has a fade time of 2s and a macro to release all other cuelists “ReleaseDimmersFirst” EXCEPT CL 193 (the cuelist for the song) - this ensures no other values/FX sneak in from some cuelist I forgot to release, and that cuelist 193 is the ONLY one running to guarantee it looks exactly how I programmed it.

The problem I’m having (and maybe it’s an ONYX bug?) is that when I press GO on cuelist 193, my 4BAR Tri front lights dip in intensity when I don’t expect them to. Cuelist 193 does not contain any intensity values, so why are the intensities dipping?

A recent discovery I have is that if I set the facelight cuelists (137 or 145-152) to 0 or full, there’s no issues during the 2s fade into cuelist 193. However, when I set the facelight cuelists to say 50% and press GO on 193, the intensities immediately drop to ~25% then gradually ramp back up to 50% over the 2s fade in of verse 1. Similarly, if I set the facelight cuelists to 60% and press GO on 193, the intensities immediately drop to ~36% then gradually ramp back up to 60% over the 2s fade in of verse 1. So it’s almost like the intensity values are immediately squaring themselves (50% x 50% = 50%^2 = 25%, OR 60% x 60% = 60%^2 = 36%) before ramping back up to the correct value, even though they shouldn’t have decreased to begin with. So the more I think about it, it seems like this might be a bug in ONYX regarding the release all cuelists macro and cuelists setup to block global releases. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

Any help is appreciated! I’ll try to post a video to help explain better :slight_smile:

Here’s a video explaining my issue for more context:

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