Preset for Fixture Type


I’m currently building preset colors for 25-30 Rush Par 2 RGBW fixtures. I created all the colors I needed using a fixture that was sitting on my desk but later realized that I can’t apply the preset to any other Rush Par 2s in my show. Is there a way to create color presets by “Fixture Type” or is there a workaround to merge the fixtures into the existing preset?

Thank you!

Check out the Clone feature, its a real time saver.

If you hit Record -> your Color Preset and then select Merge it should Merge those values into the existing preset

Correct, I guess what I’m really asking is, is there a way to pull the preset RGB information into the programmer for another fixture and then merge that.

For example: I create 30 preset colors for fixture 1 but later I want to add a 2nd fixture of the same type. I don’t want to have to sit and recreate 30 individual colors and merge them for the 2nd fixture. i.e. pull color information off of one fixture and apply it to another.

Going to try the “Clone” feature shortly and see if that’s the answer.

Cloning, Load {dest fixture(s)} @ {source fixture(s)}

BTW, I’ve had the best luck with stuff like this by cloning from the patch right after adding new fixtures.