Preset loading - behaving strangely?

I’m getting wierd results with preset loading… when storing a preset with only “selected” option active (non-selected disabled) I was under the impression that it meant that you later could apply that preset, only to the fixtures you had selected. Example:

I select all fixtures. Set FX Timing “Wait” parameter to 5. Save as a preset with only “selected” option active. I clear the programmer and select the newly created preset (with no fixtures selected). Now all fixtures has Wait at 5 - which is expected.

Now if i clear the programmer again and select the first fixture group, and then select the preset “Wait 5” i expect only the fixtures in the selected group to have the preset applied to them, but this doesn’t happen - instead the preset is applied to all fixtures it was orginally stored with. Why?

Have I been under the wrong assumption this entire time? It is not possible to apply a preset only to a selected group of fixtures?

UPDATE: After a re-start of Onyx this behaviour dissapeared, and now the preset loading works as expected again…