Preset numbering

i like to have 3 figure numbers for my fixture groups. Is there a way to renumber the groups instead of them being attached to the number they are in. For example; If i have groups starting at 100 thru 106, 200 thru 208 they are positioned at those positions in the grid. I would like to renumber the grid so they are all together instead of spread out.


The grid is fixed. You don’t really “renumber” but simply move the groups to the locations you like.

Doing that changes the number of the group. I want to keep the same numbers but be able to see what is active without having to scroll from 0 to 500 in the group grid.

The numbers of the group determine the position on the grid. This is how its designed and there is no way not to have the empty spaces in the group or preset window.
You can change to a list view which has no empty spaces.