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I have to change some ID numbers , Universes and Addresses in a current show . Will my Presets ( Color , Gobo etc…) still work ? I guess the main question would be , what do the presets reference : fixture type , ID, address or universe ?
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Hey @TDTLS ,

I’m not really sure how the software handles all that. But it is my understanding that it should work. However, I would save a fresh copy of the show. And then I’d try moving the patch (Universe and Address) first. I know that should work, as I’ve done that. Then I’d try the changing fixture ID. I think that also will work, based on other things that I have moved, but I can’t remember.

I do know that a preset will maintain programming if you completely unpatch a fixture. Meaning you can still program presets based on the ID alone. The changing ID is were I’m a little fuzzy. I thought it was said that there is another (hidden ID) reference that is also given to the fixture that a preset references. So it’s not completely on the visible ID alone. Thus allowing you to change the ID. But I can’t remember where I read / saw that. So I’m not completely for sure.

Otherwise, you could add additional (new) fixtures to your show file and patch, and then clone the existing fixtures to them. Making sure to select the option to also add them to the Presets, Groups, and Cues. Then you could have both.

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They refer to none of the above, so your presets will not be touched, nor affected by DMX address changes or fixture number changes: they will simply keep working

Hi Watson ,
I did the copy show and edited the copy . All seems to be working , no presets missing . I had changed Universes + Addresses before and changed ID number but never all 3 together .
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Thanks gert_leunen .
So the presets refer to something the user can’t change ? Good to know .