Problem with ADJ Ultra bar profile ...NEED HELP

I am using LJ2 and never had an issue with profiles. We just installed LJ2 in another club … we have several ADJ Ultra Bar 12 and Ultra Bar 6 on the 12s I am using the 20 Channel program which should control every 2 lights R G B it has the sliders for R12356 B123456 G123455 …when I slider fade one it lights the whole bar and 23456 do nothing … its like this on every bar Ultra 6 same way with the 11 channel program … any ideas how to fix this??

DJ Rev

As replied to you via FB, the ADJ Ultra Bar profiles are OK

This is most likely due to wrong DMX mode set on the unit

Ofer Brum
Fixture library support

Looking for the profile for the ultra bar 12. Can’t find it in the library. Would you be able to help me find it?


The ADJ Ultra Bar 12, has been available in the library, for 2 years:

Please keep your library up to date, from this post:

The complete LJ fixture library is posted here:

Ofer Brum
Fixture Library Support