Problem with midi macro note off

Hi ! (Sorry for my poor english !)

I work on Onyx PC.

I ´ve created a cue list (Cue list 1 named Midi trigger) with a midi macro to trig another cue (Cue list 2 named Test) via a keyboard.

The key C60 is affected in the midi macro of the cue 1 in Cue list 1 Midi trigger to trig the Cue list 2 Test.

It works fine, exept that as the « note on » trig the cue 1 in the cue list, the « note off » trig the Cue 2.

I’ve tried to change the options of the Cue List triggered by the macro, but nothing change…

I’d like the note off to have no action, so that another press on the key C60 trig the Cue 2 and so on for the next cues

Can anyone give me the solution please ?