Problems creating own Multipart Fixture which has no Main-RGBW channels


I have here a fixture which as no main RGBW DMX channels if it is in the extended (29 channel) mode. It has 4 x RGBW channels for its 4 LED-groups with RGBW.

It is the Stairville MH-z720 V2.

Here is my question:

How can I (or maybe Obsidian can do?) create a fixture which can control 4 DMX channels with one entry in the channel ist. For example: an artificial RED channel which control 4 DMX RED channals in parallel.

The fixture I mentioned has 4 different regions with RGBW. I would like to create 4 artificial RGBW channels which are controlling all 4 subchannels at the same time.

I do not need the color subgroups, but I need th 16 bit P/T resolution which is only available in the extended mode.

The fixture definition coming with ONYX for this lamp supports the 29 channel mode but offers 4 RGBW subgroups for this fixture. With those sub groups the 29 channel fixture is not cloneable with the other version of it. Also, all of my RGBW cuelists are dealing only with the main RGBW channels of ONYX. If I would use the 29 channel mode, I would have to change all my cue lists and presets.

Does anybody have an idea to solve this “Problem”?

my best regards, Matthias

You would need to send in a fixture profile request

Hi matt, thanks for the link. I did a request right now.