Problems loading Onyx 4.2

Onyx cleaner v1.0 run, restart, load v4,2 report latest Obsidian software requires driver package to be installed. Consider running Onyx prerequisites.

re run cleaner, restart computer, run Onyx prerequisites.
Error reading setup initialization file, this report comes from Install shield wizard.

Very frustrating. I can however load MPC 3.7.885. but getting old errors on Fixture creator program, again very frustrating (This is a different laptop to my previous error report)

I have turned off windows firewall, and AVG is off, and run all programs as administrator. still no joy.
my version of 4.2.1037 is 273,335KB so I assume not corrupted.
my version of Prerequisites is 83,011KB so again full file I guess.

Please use 4.2.1045

OK my problem was the wifi internet was too slow, as soon as I connected to ethernet on the modem I managed to download the entire file, still took 15 mins, but all is now working.

Thank you for your help