Programming a chase into a cuelist

New to Onyx. I’ve created a cue list for a main show, and also a chase as a separate cue list. I’ve added a macro to trigger the chase, but the main cue list does not continue through the remaining cues, it goes back to the first cue. How do I get the main cue list to trigger the chase and continue through its remaining cues??


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  1. You want to copy the chase and “paste” it in the middle of the cue list?like a one cue just like the other cues in the cue list?or you to combination between cue in the cuelist and the chase?

I think I’ve sorted it now by changing the release options of the cue list to ‘stay alive’. It seems to play now through the main cue list, then start the chase when needed, and then continue through the main list and stop the chase when needed too