Programming a show

HI everyone. I’m trying for the first time to program with lightjockey. I’m prepearing a show for the next week and i’ve a question. I’ve created some different cues so that i’ll be able to use ithem in the live situation . However i want to ask how i will load and play them in the live situation, because if i load a cue from cue list, LJ shows me every time (current cue was modified etc…). Is there a method to load the different cues in a more simple and easy way? or i’m doing it wrong? thank you

Not a direct answer but,

Did you know that you can use M-PC(free) with your LJ.


Create sequence first, then add the saved sequence into a cue slot, and save cue. After saving cue, you can create a LJ Manager page and assign cues to labeled squares.

You can also turn off warnings.
Setup/Preferences/System, then go to the Warnings tab.