Programming int fx makes the fixtures strobe

Hey guys, I have an issue I’ve never had before and I can’t figure it out.

When I make an intensity fx on my washes, they do as they are told, and the parameters show the correct dimming on each fixture, but if I start the cuelist for the theatre show I’m running and then make an int fx they go directly to random strobe and the parameters doesn´t show any dimming.

The shutter is set to open, and I cant stop it with the shutter function. I also tried to start different cuelists with the same result.

I also tried to fire a cue with strobe, then setting the shutter to open and make an int fx, but it still goes to strobe.

It seems that it has to do with Onyx, and not the fixtures as the programmer doesn´t show the dimming of the fixtures when it goes to strobe-attack-mode.

to help you out at all we would need to know what fixture this is
tell us the steeps that you are doing and we may be able to help you out

There are 9 x elumen8 250ZS - 10ch mode

  1. I start the cuelist with the 9 fixtures on 5% intensity, 100%blue.
  2. I select all the fixtures, choose 100% int, go to fx and choose 200 %swing, and as soon as i apply speed the fixtures first go black (like a shutter close) and then they start to strobe as i apply more and more speed.

What is your FX curve?

If it is a sinus curve, with a swing of 200%, it is doing 200% of 5% intensity in the both way (up and down).

If you want just to go up, change your curve FX :slight_smile: