q blender showingwhere we are

Hi to all why doesn’t q blender show me where i am? even if the follow cue is activated seems not to work ,or this is currently not possible?
Thank you.

This would make programming a breeze. I currently use faders/rotary encoders for storing and replaying long chains of effect waveforms. I can get that pseudo-random look (that snaps to the beat every cue change) from int and color etc, by scrolling through say 25-50.
Now that I have a bunch of these kinds of constructs in PT, Color, Int, Beam etc, it occurs to me that I could be scrolling through them looking for specific settings to load-load when creating specific cues for playback. However, I cannot see what cue I am in, out of the 25 to 50 cues I have on a rotary encoder, so I can’t do this. Please fix this oversight.:bear:

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