Q Lab and OSC

Hi Folks,

I’m attempting to get Q-Lab to control my Onyx system to fire off light cues in a theater setting. I’m planning to save all my cues in a set of playbacks, and then have Q-Lab send OSC Messages to fire fire those playbacks.

The OSC command list indicates that the command /Mx/playback/page1/0/go 1 should fire off the first playback in the first page of the playbacks window. Of course I’m not seeing a response.

I believe I have the IP addresses sorted out and OSC enabled in the Onyx Network and settings menus. Q-lab is set to send messages to port 9000, default in Onyx.

I am using an M-Touch controller which appears to have unlocked /Nova+’ software. I see somewhere that OSC is not enabled for Nova - is this my problem? If so, whats the easiest / cheapest way to unlock this feature?

Thank you for any insight you can offer.