Question regarding adjusting orientation of fixture(s)

Hoping someone can chime in here with an answer or suggestion:

I’ve drawn the space in Show Designer. Fixtures have been positioned and patched.
I’ve now got the console connected to MSD via Artnet and have control.

When I recall a position preset on the console, the fixture’s spot is off (by a few feet) in MSD compared to where it should actually be.

What’s the easiest and best way to adjust the position of the fixture in the model while being able to see the adjustment in real-time?

I’ve got the scene in the 3D Visualizer and it’s off its mark by about 6’ of where it should actually be hitting.


  • Select all fixtures
  • In the Side Bar Orientation tab, adjust the Pan (at the bottom)

Depending on the fixture, you may be using the wrong Pan angle profile… Some fixtures allow to set different Pan angles. e.g 630,540,270…

If you want to change to position where the fixture hangs in MSD, then you can also use the same method as Ofer described, but instead of changing the Pan you change the X,Y,Z position.

If you use the sliders all fixtures will move the same amount. If you enter a number all fixtures will jump to that position, so you probably want to use the slider.

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