Question Regarding Patching on ONYX

I’m trying to move onto using ONYX as my control console with an M-Play at one of the nightclubs I light for. I hooked my computer to my M-play and then my M-Play to my DMX splitter which has no connection issues. Then I patched in one Sharpys to the ONYX system and began by trying to get some intensity or pan/tilt out of it. Yet nothing happens. It seems that my computer isn’t talking to the lights at all yet. I know the the splitter is getting some signal because it’s green lights are on when I connect the M-Play to it. I’m using generic Sharpys, not Clay Paky’s but that shouldn’t matter if I’m patching them as Clay Paky. Because this method works fine on my Avolites board. So I don’t think my issue is there. I’m sure it’s some small setting I’m not activating that’s not letting me be able to talk to the fixture with ONYX yet.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Welcome to ONYX. Can you confirm a few things to help narrow the problem.

  1. What version of ONYX did you install? Latest is not an acceptable response. Looking for specific builds here as .1006 had some reports of licensing issues which may have affected some outputs.

  2. What universe did you assign the M-Play to output? That setting is under the system / dmx / usb-dmx menu.

  3. Confirm your patch is the same as your output universe.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks for the reply. I’m using version 4.0.1010.0. I went into the settings of the usb-dmx menu and found what I think is the issue. I see the if I highlight port 1 then click the active button, it says port 1 is now active for Universe 1. This seems promising, I’ll try it at the club tomorrow. Thank you for this!

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