Random Flash

Around every 40 - 60 minutes only a select few lights will flash uncontrollably! . I have linked a video any one have any idea on what might corse this??

It looks like there is an effect running, do you have any effects that do this?

Try removing all effects from your cues by doing the following:

  1. Activate all effects on each parameter for all the lights that flash (looks like color effects to me)
  2. Record
  3. Select “remove” in the recording filter
  4. Specify the Cue ( for example “RECORD CUE 1” )
  5. Click on the Playback Fader/Button that has your cue
  6. Select “Simple” for the removal filter
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Seems a data issue. Unplug the controller and see if it still happens. Could be bad cable, fixture, missing terminator.

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What fixture types do you use?

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They are cameo pars

Ok, we have terminators on all chains, but haven’t tried without the controller

There isn’t any effects on any of the presets, but I will try with the effects all off