Random Strobe Effekt

I have read some threads about random strobe effects but they are 3-4 years old. Are there any new ideas in the meantime? I have 12 RGB Pars and I would like to create a random strobe effekt.

Thanks in advance.

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yes I agree, it would be great if there was a random mode in the fx engine.
I do lighting for film and television and occasionally I need to emulate a candle flickering on an actors face, or when they are sitting in front of a television or a campfire.
In the past, on other consoles, I would use a single LED fixture and apply a random mode to the intensity and timing and it would run all day if i wanted. I know onyx has a random grouping feature but that doesn’t work in the situations I’ve described. Other suggestions I’ve seen such as creating overide cues to change intensity and timing on the fly only work while I sit there playing with faders.
True random modes please!
Thanks :slight_smile:



Also missing that option. Not always a fixtures build in random strobe is good enough. I used a lot of Random strobe effect on ma2. Missing here. We need it.

+1 on this from me too. And more forms in general available in the standard fx waveforms. Editable custom forms like MA has would be golden.

Now, as it is, I find for doing things like fire and TV flicker, Dylos is the best tool. In the Orange or Yellow content sections of Dylos there are even a few flame videos. For TV, I have found the best is actual TV! I downloaded a couple short clips off the internet (one was a newscast, the other a clip from CHiPs), reduced them down to very small size with Handbrake, and use those for TV gags now.

hello, we also decided to use dylos for simulate random.
but it is still a simulation.
we sometimes use osc and/or artnet with pre programmer cues on overrides in onyx, and trigger these playbacks from isadora, abelton live, resolume or from arduino devices.
that works great, because all these applications can send osc or artnet trigger signals in different real random modes.
so another times,
for a onyx internal solution!



Hi I’ll resurrect an old thread here. If you want to create a random strobe effect, select your fixtures, go into GROUPING TOOLS and choose the random order, then create an Intensity effect that’s at max speed with a multiplier of around x64, and step it for the number of fixtures you have selected. Done

The issue with this approach is that the randomness repeats and this is very noticeable with a small number of fixtures. Great if that’s what you’re after :slight_smile:

I agree we need a random effect that we can adjust, but the best workaround I have found is to put the fixtures you want to do the effect on in their own fader, build a few different intensities or whatever variation you want in 3+ cues then set the fader to select randomly between them and I find that works pretty good for fire and TV, lighting and such

Why not using chases with settings “random”?Additionally by leveraging macros, one could built a random strobe as a work around.

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