Random Strobe Effekt

I have read some threads about random strobe effects but they are 3-4 years old. Are there any new ideas in the meantime? I have 12 RGB Pars and I would like to create a random strobe effekt.

Thanks in advance.

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yes I agree, it would be great if there was a random mode in the fx engine.
I do lighting for film and television and occasionally I need to emulate a candle flickering on an actors face, or when they are sitting in front of a television or a campfire.
In the past, on other consoles, I would use a single LED fixture and apply a random mode to the intensity and timing and it would run all day if i wanted. I know onyx has a random grouping feature but that doesn’t work in the situations I’ve described. Other suggestions I’ve seen such as creating overide cues to change intensity and timing on the fly only work while I sit there playing with faders.
True random modes please!
Thanks :slight_smile:


Also missing that option. Not always a fixtures build in random strobe is good enough. I used a lot of Random strobe effect on ma2. Missing here. We need it.