Raspberry Pi (64) Linux

I have too many of these devices.

Would love to see if anyone is working on Linux or Pi configuration!

Thanks in advance and redirect me if this is a repeat!

I am not running Onyx on a Pi, but I am using them for ArtNet Output sometimes. They are a fairly cheap option for wireless or wired artNet Nodes.

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ONYX is Windows x64 only, no other variants are available or will be developed.

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Thanks for your help! interesting.

Hey thank you! worked in the studio / live for 8 years… and just starting lighting now and love it!

I did manage to get M-PC working on an ‘UP-board’ , the lesser known competitor of Raspberry PI, same idee and size but with a different chipset than the PI so it can actualy run windows.
it was some time ago with windows 7 and M-PC, not ONYX.
I might try again this summer with ONYX.