RDM 10 cause flickering of Robe Spicke and SGM P1 due to timing issue

on my setup here, there are a lot of Devices behind the RDM10 there is a flickering som times, caused due to the RDM10 because its timewindow for the Devices to respond to RDM-Requests is to short, the RDM10 is sending a DMX-Package while the Device is start responding, this ends in a Merged signal on the line.

The RDM10 should wait a bit longer bevore send DMX after a Request without a response

V2.9.3 Beta

We implemented a change as we also seen this with ETC fixtures. The DMX package is truncated and not all 512channels are sent. It is allowed by the RDM spec, but seems most fixtures don’t like it. ETC fixtures blink like they lost DMX when this happens.
The next firmware release will always send the full frame, then switch to RDM traffic.
This may cause the behavior you see as well. You can check this in a few days.