RDM Fixture control while using MA2 onPC with Obsidian Devices.

Hey Everyone,
I’m a MA2 user and testing out some Obsidian devices. Trying to get RDM to work while using the EN4 and EN12. Does anyone have a solution for accessing the RDM functions of fixtures while using the EN4 or EN12 with MA2 onPC software? When I turn RDM on via the console the nodes freak out and I lose connectivity.

I’m sure there must be someone that has figured out a way to make this work.



For an “RDM” device or a device that supports RDM, why not put RDM functionality on the GUI page for the Node? similar to Pathport Manager software. Or hey here’s an idea, make Obsidian Manager software. That would be a great thing. The browser gui is great but could be so much better if it had that functionality.

What firmware version are your node?

I’m looking at buying these nodes for an MA2 light or ONPC solution to access RDM on the fixtures. Has this issue been resolved? Is it still an issue?

Not yet but a node management software is in development.
You can use the free Artistic License DMX Workshop to discover and control all RDM devices.
We had not so good experience with MA2 RDM over Artnet (and have heard from others that this seems “buggy” no matter what node you use)

DMX-Workshop - Artistic Licence