RDM is not working at all while using the Merger-Function on RDM10, only the RDM10 itself show up

Hi, if i set up the RDM10 in Merge-Mode and use my Swisson XMT-350 DMX/RDM-Tester, on Port A or B, only the RDM10 show up

That is correct, merging and RDM do not work together.

But why?
The current active Port should have RDM capabilities, what is the limiting factor here?

Merging doesn’t have an active port, both input ports are “active” essentially. We are unable to transfer RDM data through a merger.
This is also the case for example with Luminex 2.10 splitter, all merge modes disable RDM data.


Why copy from Luminex?
it wold be nice if this work.
You cold have the Console an Port B and leave Port A free.
When i Plug my RDM-Tester into A i could Override the Console and Manage all behind the Splitter.

I see not where the limitation came from, exept you don’t wan’t that

According to the development team merging with RDM is not allowed/possible due to the RDM protocol design.
I checked Pathway Splitter/Mergers, they also disable all RDM traffic in merge mode.

i’ll checked with one of the designers of the RDM protocol for his opinion, he says its possible but may be quite involved to develop., which is probably why this isn’t supported by most. Could also mean that a bigger CPU is needed for the required calculations.
I’ll review this once more with the RD team.

If there is realy Mearging happaning i understand that there is More CPU-Load but I mean at least in Backup Merge it should be work, because there is no Calculation needen it’s a hard switch between A and B depending if there is Any signal on Port A🤔
So in Backup Mode Port A should be able to do RDM, if there is anny DMX every feve frames

Yes that makes sense for the toggle / backup mode, we’ll review if it can be added.