RDM issues

From long time ago I have issues with the RDM
I tested over a couple fixtures and hardware , software 1193-1205
Fixtures from Martin, Prolights, Arri, Elation
Hardware: USB-DMX M-PC (grey), M2PC, M2GO-HD, NX2, NX-WING, NX-4,
RDM work on all fixtures work fine Using M2PC, M-PC, M2GO-HD, NX-4
RDM not work on NX-WING, NX-2
Yesterday night was the last test with 100 pcs ARRI SC-60, and the NX-wing with soft 1193 and 1205, not work completely stopped the outputs with leds on red I needed re-start all soft and hardware
Changed by old USB-DMX (plastic grey box) work perfectly.

I thing that some around the firmware isn’t right :wink:
I and more are waiting your news

I had the same problem with RDM from when we bought NX2 console. One or 100 fixtures connected no matter, pressing SCAN the output turns red and RDM scans endlessly with only option of hardware reboot. In the last two years I tried all the updates hoping that could solve the problem but never had success.
After upgrading to last release (4.6.1226.0) without success, last week I contacted Obsidian Support. At first they had no clue about what the problem was, saying that it was a problem of our fixtures (as we have only Prolights fixtures). Insisting, saying that also other users here in the forum reported the same problem, they answered me that, according to the opinion of the developer team, the firmware of the DMX cards was corrupted. The firmware version I had was v 4.01.
Here is the procedure they gave me and that worked SUCCESSFULLY for me:

NX2/NXWing DMX Firmware: Obsidian Control Systems

Instructions for Loading Firmware on NX2 DMX modules:

  1. Download Firmware, copy onto a USB Drive
  2. Open Firmware Updater on your NX2, This is located under Menu>Manage>Tools>Diagnostic.
  3. Plug in the USB drive to a rear USB port on the NX2
  4. Select the “NX2 NXWING DMX” from the list and press “Update USB Firmware”
  5. Select the firmware on the USB drive, and press open
  6. Wait for the file to finish, and repeat steps 4 and 5 on the second “NX2 NXWING DMX” module
  7. Press close on the utility, once the popup appears reboot the console.

Once the console has rebooted please go back into the firmware utility and verify that the version of the modules is v4.00. This will verify that the firmware has been loaded successfully.

After loading the new firmware, please test with your fixtures.

I hope that this procedure would work also for you and other users in future. If it doesn’t work, my advice is to contact the support, as they seem not very present here on the forum but they answer pretty fast to emails.