RDM over Artnet? Chauvet Net-X II?

I’ve seen a few posts on the forums and Facebook group that RDM over Artnet sometimes works in Onyx, but maybe sometimes doesn’t. It sounds like maybe it depends on the implementation on the RDM node.

I’m curious if anyone has used it with the Chauvet Pro Net-X II? Does it work, and how well?

Also, in one of the (old - 2017) posts on the forum there was a comment essentially that once RDMnet is released that M-PC should have better support. I wonder if that’s the case with Onyx - that when RDMnet is finally finalized and released Onyx will fully support it, and will fully work with any node that fully supports it. Because it sounds like it’s getting “close” (which with these industry protocols could still mean another few years :roll_eyes:): http://www.rdmprotocol.org/forums/showthread.php?t=1187

It looks like we are nearing the final stretch here. The last public review only had about 44 comments which we’ve been able to resolve without any major architectural changes this time. We are set to be out in Public Review again in September it looks like. Possibly the last PR or close to it.

We had several implementations testing during the Texas Plugfest last month to the draft standard so everything is looking very encouraging.