RDM over ArtNet

I am trying to run RDM over ArtNet and can not get it to find devices. I have tried on a upgraded M6 and Laptop with a key both running 4.4.1193 and when I click on “Discover ArtRDM” nothing comes up.
if I run DMX to the units they do come up with I click on “Scan”
what am I missing

Whats the Artnet device you use?

Elation Colour Chorus 48 ver 1.14
Elation Satura Spot CMY pro

I’m not sure those fixtures support Artnet RDM.
Check using DMX Workshop as well: https://artisticlicence.com/product/dmx-workshop/

will do thanks for the information

I called it in, the fixtures do not support RDM over Artnet. Only over DMX.