RDM10 as Artnet-Node has a significant Delay

If is Use The RDM10 as ArtNet-Node and for comparison i use a ELC Node Outputing the Same Universes.
there is a Noticable Delay between Both Nodes (the Fixtures are reacting delayed around 100-200 ms)

We’ve had some feedback where ELC and Netron in the same network showed an issue, which was never fully explained, that customer had no time to investigate the concern.
Are you using ELCs management software at the same time? Any ports set as Inputs?
Please explain the setup a bit more.
I also recall that maybe using sACN resolved the issue.

Yes the ELC-Software was running but RDM was fully disabled at the Moment the Operator showed me this by Highlight the howle setup, so only ArtNet-Polls was sended from the Tool.
What i’ve done is i orderd a other ELC-Node, because ther RDM was working at least to some extent.

No inputs ar configured, everything is straight for Output

in other posts you mention merging, which we are currently improving the response time on.
Was there a merger assigned to the outputs?
You always have to configure an input source, not sure what you mean that none are configured?

Re ELC we don’t know the underlying cause, its a suspicion that some traffic (not RDM) confuses the RDM10. is the RDM10 delayed as a straight Art-Net node without any ELC software and nodes connected?

No merging was only on a totlay seperate Node for testing
There are ELC Nodes un the same Artnet-Network, as well as one Laptop with the ELC-Software and the grandMA2 on Port 2(ArtNEt only), but with All RDM disabled.
This is a Clean Artnet-Network, no other devices attached then Artnet Devices.

I dont thin the ELC-Software is spamming the howle network, just some Management Pakages every feve seconds

The Problem is teh same if Unicast or Broadcast from the Console