Release 4.2.1052

This is a release version for ONYX, correcting some bugs and including updated fixture libraries.

		Release notes for Onyx
		(C) 2019 - Obsidian Control Systems

4.2.1052 (25/07/2019)

Hotfix rollup

4.2.1051 (15/07/2019)

Fixed Manager error when modifying location

4.2.1050 (9/07/2019)

Fixed DMX issues
Fixed actions in 2D plan causing errors on Turkish systems

4.2.1048 (7/06/2019)

Added software support for NX4 and NX Touch
Fixed Art-Net RDM issues
Fixed MIDI (timecode) test application
Fixed DMX IN mapping change requiring restart
Fixed LED feedback on virtual submaster
Fixed calibration sometimes not working on internal parameter touch-displays

4.2.1047 (15/05/2019)

Improved MIDI (fixed timecode jumps on NX2/NX Wing)
Fixed DMX IN issues
Fixed calibration parameter display M2GO (HD)/M2PC
Fixed external display on M1
Fixed sorting by universe or address

4.2.1046 (25/04/2019)

Improved command execution times
Improved DMX startup
Fixed unpatching when patching fixtures to already assigned addresses while selecting UNPATCH as conflict resolution
Fixed occasional error popup when switching screen layout
Fixed internal DMX ports not showing/working on NX2 / NX Wing and re-initialized M2GO HD / M2GO / M2PC
Fixed importing fixture not including accessory information