Release Candidate 4.3.1184

A new release candidate is available for final tests.
This version is scheduled for release once final user manual and content packages are completed next week.
Happy Testing!

		Release notes for Onyx
		(C) 2018-2020 - Obsidian Control Systems

4.3.1184 (7/02/2020)

  • Show warning (library folders, notification, status bar) when not all content in the cache is ready to use (yet)
  • Moved mask manipulation in Zone Parameters view into separate tab (from source and text manipulation)
  • Fixed using media with new compression as mask
  • Fixed multi touch not always releasing playback buttons

4.3.1183 (29/01/2020)

Added Art-Net 4 support for discovering nodes with more than 4 DMX ports

Fixes and (performance) improvements:

  • Fixed MOVE/COPY of cuelists and COPY of groups using touch screen
  • Fixed adding macros to cuelists
  • Fixed allowing cue number to be entered in cuelist TRIGGER macro
  • Fixed modifying some cue properties
  • Fixed playback buttons being unresponsive to fast touch input
  • Fixed record into UI button touch sometimes recording into more than 1 button
  • Fixed network sync of presets and cues
  • Fixed hardware devices on same device space not synchronizing with OSC input
  • Fixed zone composer refresh/resize issues
  • Improved media cache compression to reduce artifacts
  • Fixed Art-Net loopback issue
  • Fixed showing factory content build in startup screen

4.3.1182 (16/01/2020)

Added text support to Zone and Effect programming slots
Added protection of (console/license) owner content (requires licensed software and adding an owner role)
Added content import/export (of user or owner storage)
Implemented z-order support between Zones
UI improvements: added quick access controls for most common zone parameters
FREE mode limited to 2 zones (others get “DEMO” watermark scrolling by randomly)
Added content meta-info

Fixes and (performance) improvements:

  • Improved channel priority handling between programmer, playback and DyLOS mapping
  • Movie content is now compressed while importing into cache
  • Improvements between zone and fixture selection on 2D plan
  • Optimized fixture type search in library editor
  • Updating software should preserve machine content mapping
  • Fixed MARK CUE
  • Fixed switching between still images
  • Fixed DMX address changes causing erroneous state on 2D plan
  • Fixed false conflict errors when reusing addresses of fixtures with virtual dimmers after unpatching
  • Fixed DyLOS issues after (re)loading shows
  • Font fixes in DyLOS
  • Fixed saving large show files (+17GB) on consoles
  • Fixed selecting Open/Idle content slot
  • Fixed black frame sometimes being appended on import (shows in loops)
  • Fixed Art-Net loopback issue

4.3.1181 (11/12/2019)

Fixed EDIT CUE not activating UPDATE context
Fixed DyLOS engine crash at startup

4.3.1180 (10/12/2019)

Added vertical scroll to DyLOS text generator
Added bounce, beat and random playback modes
Added Clear/Load to (right-click) popup menus in Zone Composer
Modified MOVE MEDIA semantics to SWAP in case of conflicts

Fixes and (performance) improvements:

  • Text (zoom) improvements
  • Improved labels for better consistency
  • Removed grouping tools from top of Zone Composer
  • Fixed Factory Effect/Generator/Shape thumbs in library panel
  • Fixed loading a single media file into multiple slots in one command (loading only the first)
  • Fixed USB DMX devices not sending data beyond universe 64
  • Fixed inability to restore internal DMX devices to defaults when not all ports are attached to Onyx

4.3.1179 (29/11/2019)

Added text generator to DyLOS
Added M6+ (upgrade kit) licensing

Fixes and (performance) improvements:

  • Restored Martin LJ license unlocking
  • Display progress while importing/exporting media
  • Improved dynamic channel layouts
  • Improvements for adding DyLOS support to show files
  • Fixed fixtures with patch suggestion part (external dimmer, etc) being presented as multi-part fixtures in 2D plan
  • Fixed Programmer and Cuelist Values not handling zone renumbering correctly
  • Fixed loading large show files (+17GB) on consoles
  • Fixed a crash when FX-linking zone channels

4.3.1177 (08/11/2019)

Fixes and (performance) improvements:

  • Provide load/default shortcuts on parameter group popup
  • Show generators in library breakout view
  • Fixed artifact in Line effect shader on DyLOS
  • Fixed renumbering multiple ID numbers of DyLOS zones skipping 4 ID’s every following zone
  • Improve media saving speed
  • Fixed Programmer and Cuelist Values not handling zone deletion correctly
  • Fixed DyLOS engine crashing on fixture(-part)s that don’t have any channels viable for pixel mapping (being mapped in a zone)

4.3.1176 (01/11/2019)

Fixes and (performance) improvements:

  • Media resynch button now supports different scopes
  • Creating new show now shows an option to resynch media (map) on the system into the new show (default OFF)
  • EDIT can be used as well to rename library folders/slots
  • Zone page selection not correctly updated when resetting to recorded settings
  • Multiparts placed in visualization mode on the 2D stage do not show pixel information
  • Newly added fixtures would not be pixel-mapped to until restart
  • 2D Plan (Onyx) crashes when enabling/disabling zone preview
  • Async import of media files (improves responsiveness)
  • Some DyLOS shaders don’t work in Release build (like Line Effects)
  • Fixed Pan/Tilt invert/swap
  • Delay OSC playback control if no license has been found
  • Show descriptive labels for some DyLOS parameters
  • Gobo images with - in filename are saved incorrect (library editor)

4.3.1175 (21/10/2019)

Added DyLOS support for multi-part fixtures
Fixes and (performance) improvements

4.3.1174 (17/10/2019)

Fixes and (performance) improvements

4.3.1171 (4/10/2019)

Added DyLOS pixel engine (currently limited to 5 zones per show, 1 layer per zone, all content scaled to 256x256 pixels internally)
Improved user interface focus and navigation (arrow keys activated) management
Moved to 64 bit